Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself

You can mention below 4 things in the answer:

1. Your full name and where you stay:“My name is Rahul Desai, I stay at Andheri West”
2. Your Educational Qualifications:“I have completed my HSC from Maharashtra Board in 2016, with a score of 66%”
3. Skills or Knowledge that you have:“I have done a MS-CIT course and my typing speed is 20 words per minute”
4. Experience that you have, if any:“I have worked in a Call Centre for 10 months, where I used to do Sales and Marketing”

Note: Above lines are just examples for your understanding, please mention your own details when you answer.

After you say above 4 things in the answer, then the HR or Interviewer might ask you some more questions, listen to their questions carefully and answer confidently and honestly.

If you do not understand any question you were asked, say: “I am sorry Sir / Ma'am, I did not understand your question, can you please repeat it?”

Prepare the answers for this question well as it is asked in almost every job interview.

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