Interview Questions for Receptionist, Front Office etc. Jobs

With almost every business needing Receptionist, Front Office etc., staff, it is obvious that a lot of companies are hiring for such positions.

Your Communication Skills, Dress code and ability to manage schedules and meetings are the most common factors that are checked in interviews for Receptionist profiles.

Interview Questions for Receptionist, Front Office Jobs

Receptionist, Front Office etc., staff are usually the first individuals customers interact with, so it is important for you to be polite, and be able to talk to customers and help them out.

Some of the common skills that you will be tested upon are:

  1. Communication skills – By asking you “Tell me about yourself” or similar questions
  2. Dress code:
    1. Formals for Men
    2. Indian ethnic wear or Business formals for Women
  3. Basic computer knowledge
  4. Email writing skills
  5. Time management, staying organized at work
  6. Ability to scheduling meetings, appointments etc.
  7. Regularity and punctuality at work – Make sure you reach 15 minutes before for the interview

If you’re an Experienced candidate will also be asked about your previous work experience, reason for leaving the job etc.

If you start looking for Receptionist, Front Office Jobs be sure to prepare yourself for above interview questions.

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