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Why is my post not active?

There are three stages of a Job post in Workindia portal

Once you post a job on workindia, it will go into next stage i.e ‘Under Review’ Your job post will be verified during ‘Review’ which usually will be done within 2-24 hours.

After reviewing your Post, it will either fall into Rejected or Accepted/Activate Category.

Rejected Post

Your post will be rejected from our system if it falls into below points

  1. Blacklisted Consultancy
  2. Blacklisted Candidate
  3. Vulgar Keywords
  4. Work From home keywords
  5. Work From home keywords
  6. Invalid Address
  7. Invalid Email Id
  8. Invalid Location
  9. Duplicate Job post
  10. Corporate Job Limit Exceed
My Job post got rejected. Why?

Activated Job/Live Job

Once your Job post will pass through all the criteria, then your Job will be activated on our portal (Usually within 2 -24 hours of posting) and You will receive notification regarding the same.

We publish your job to candidates on WorkIndia App and Website that match your profile. Active job seekers who are interested in your job will call you on your mentioned phone number for an interview.

From the calls you get, invite relevant people for interview & hire the best ones.

Deactivated Job /LiveJob

Once you find your candidate for a particular Job, You can deactivate it and Save your remaining balance for Future Hiring. After deactivation, the recruiter would not be able to see your post, so you will not be receiving any calls from candidates and in future. You can again Activate the same Post

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