Refund Policy

Am i eligible for refund?

You are eligible for a refund if:

  1. Your Purchase was made within 30 days.
  2. You are not marked as a consultant or blacklisted by us.
  3. Refer to the table below for refund conditions based on the type of plan purchased.

  • The User can request a refund for wallet purchase if the service is not satisfactory to them.
  • A user can request a refund for a Corporate purchase if the number of responses received is half of the committed response for the plan purchased.
Example: If the plan is of Rs 5000 and the committed response is 120 calls so you are eligible for a refund if calls are < 60
How much amount will be refunded?

  • Balance Paid Amount Remaining in the wallet will be refunded
  • Pro-rata refund in case of Irrelevant Calls
How much amount will be refunded?

  • Pro-rata refund on remaining days after the plan start date.
For example: if the plan is Rs 5000, plan validity is 28 days, the start date is 1st Oct and end date is 28th Oct and refund is raised on 15th, then refund amount will be given for remaining 13 days that will be (5000/28) * 13 = Rs 2321

How to request for a refund?

  1. Via Chat support on website ( or application (Workindia For Recruiter) during business hours (Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm).
  2. Via

Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a refund only Once.

2 business days after the refund request is raised and approved by the concerned team.

  1. Employee leaving
  2. Employee misconduct
  3. Employee background verification
  4. Employee criminal activities

Any company which falls under the following categories is considered blacklisted:

  1. Consultancies
    1. Employers who are hiring for other employers.
    2. Employers who are charging money.
  2. Vulgar Jobs
    1. Employers posting obscene jobs.
    2. Employers posting jobs requiring personal favors.
    3. Employers posting jobs involvement in human trafficking.
    4. Employers posting any religious, sexual, or politically motivated jobs.
  3. MLM Jobs
    1. Employers posting jobs to promote, and sell products.
    2. Employers attract candidates to work on pyramid schemes.
  4. Click Bait Jobs
    1. Employers falsely mention the job details to attract candidates.
    2. Employers spreading misinformation.

When you purchase a plan from Workindia you automatically agree with the statements listed above and the refund policy.