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I’m not getting good quality candidates

As the quality of job-seekers is a very subjective term, we would like to suggest you to specify your exact requirements on your job post and set a salary range as per the skill requirement, then you will definitely get calls from suitable candidates.

We would like to suggest you few points to increase responses from relevant candidates


Salary is the most important factor for a candidate, a job seeker usually look into minimum salary offered in your job post, so if you try to reduce the gap between minimum salary and maximum salary and increase the minimum salary (For example Rs. 10000- Rs. 15000 Salary range instead of Rs 8000 - Rs 15000 Salary Range) then walk-ins and number of relevant calls will be increased.

Note: If the salary offered is as per market standards then you get huge numbers of calls and walk-ins.

Lower your requirements

If salary is the constraint here, then lower requirements like 'Qualification', 'Experience' and 'English Requirements' if you keep these three parameters high with less salary then chances of getting calls from relevant candidates will be low. And Gender limitation could also be a barrier for the right candidate hunt. It's better if you could open the requirement to both female and male candidates.

First approach

If you try to explore candidates in the matched candidates section of your job post, you will definitely get many candidates who are suitable for the role. So I suggest you approach those candidates rather than waiting for them to call you, this way walk-ins of right candidates will increase.

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